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    Sketch to Responsive and Features

    In the field of web designing, Sketch is now used as a replacement for Adobe Photoshop. You can design different layouts and later convert them to HTML/WordPress. XHTML Hub offers the best Sketch to HTML converting service. As one of the leaders in the field of web designing, XHTML Hub is very innovative and always open to using the latest technologies to provide the best results. The conversion which is done here is very popular as they will provide you with a simple but effective platform for the use which is extremely flexible for additions later. The total service is very cost-effective so it will not hit your pocket hard.

    We, here at XHTML Hub help you in converting your sketch designs to pixel perfect HTML markups. You can resize them and we assure you that the quality will be the same. For controlling the layers perfectly, we will guide you. 100% hand-coded markups are used by our developers and that is the reason we are way ahead of our contemporaries. The websites designed by us are error-free and you will not find any bugs in them too. We make sure that the websites have wide accessibility and are responsive.

    Why Our Clients Like to Work with Us:

    A wide range of services are offered by and we like to work on websites of different genres.

    The pool of talent that we possess are known for their passion and excellence in their work. Not to forget the huge domain experience that we have.

    We have the best developers with an understanding of the Sketch platform. They also have a great command over languages like Javascript CSS, HTML, and many more.

    We highly focus on a sketch responsive design as we completely know the importance of the mobile ecosystem.

    The best part of our service is our rates. They are extremely affordable. You can compare our rates with other good service providers and will always choose us after that.

    We, here at XHTML Hub understand the value of time completely and provide our projects to the clients before the deadline.

    We are working with clients from different countries and can handle almost every project which is given to us as we like to take on the challenges. With our extremely professional batch of developers, we always rise to expectations which our clients have.

    100% Hand Written Code

    We at XHTML Hub have some superior skills to write code. Here we provide you completely handwritten codes for your website which runs like poetry and makes your website look amazing.

    Responsive & Retina Ready

    You will get the ultimate viewing experience with us at the XHTML Hub for all devices like mobile and desktop. Sharp graphics and hi-definition screens will look as beautiful as it can get.

    CMS Ready Mark-up

    Mark-up tags are really important while you are trying to make your website look good. XHTML Hub helps you to represent the store URL easily using the mark-up tags rather than the hard-coding.

    Custom Fonts & Icon Fonts

    In a website, icons can be often used as an icon, image, or fonts. Our technical experts at XHTML Hub will help you in using custom as well as Icon Fonts to your website to make it more presentable.

    Cross Browser Compatibility

    The functionality of a website depends a lot on Cross Browser Compatibility. At XHTML Hub, we try to provide an equivalent view so that everybody can get the same information.

    Fast Loading Code

    People don’t like to wait for the pages to respond for a long time while browsing. At XHTML Hub, we know this and help you in speeding up your website instantly with our technical skills.

    Seo Optimized Markup

    Making your website SEO optimized is very important and it is known to everyone. With the expert team and SEO campaigns, XHTML Hub will make the foundation of a website strong and increases its traffic.

    Premium Support

    XHTML Hub has helped in developing a lot of websites and has clients all over the globe. The services and the technical support, which we provide to our clients is somewhat we can boast of.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Check out these FAQs to know more about our services and policies.

      1. What is Sketch?

      A digital design app from Mac is known as Sketch. It can use for designing UI, web, mobile, and even icon. A lot of people use Photoshop for these things but you must know one thing that Sketch is a very able app for replicating all that can be done in Photoshop.

      This is a process in which a Sketch design is transformed into a nice and functional HTML template. Some of the modern technologies like Javascript, CSS, and HTML are used for this conversion.

      Yes, we do. Our technical team will help you out with any problem you face after the delivery of the project.

      It depends completely on your project. Usually, it takes from 3 to 4 days to a week for coding a complete website. But as said, it can be earlier according to your requirement.

      We will surely do that and any other thing to keep our clients happy. We want you to feel secured while working with us.

      Yes, we do. There are certain criteria where we offer you our services even after the delivery of WordPress CMS.

      We believe that if you are not satisfied with our work, we do not have any right to keep the money. So after deduction of some minimal charges we refund most of the money.