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    HTML To Responsive & Features

    The computers have been shifted to the pockets of the users. The new technology dealing with laptops, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones have all taken the lives and minds of internet users. The expertise and experience of the designers and web developers have found new horizons to adjust the screen resolutions automatically making the HTML sites easily converted to Responsive designs.

    We at XHTML Hub help our clients to get one single design that can be used on various types of screens and devices. With these responsive designs, the websites will surely benefit a large being easily accessible on mobile as well as laptops. Our developers and designers are particular about their delivery of responsive designs as they have the true in-depth knowledge of the complete responsive concept.

    We will certainly convert your HTML old website into a new Responsive pixel perfect one. The website which we will provide you finally will have full browser compatibility and will be absolutely bug-free. It meets all W3C parameters and is very easy working with different search engines. It does not matter how small or large, the screen of your desktop or mobile is. The website will be fully responsive to all will equally work on all platforms with complete ease.

    Now you must be thinking that there are a lot of different conversion services so what is special in XHTML Hub. Not only we create the most effective and stunning websites but we also have the expertise to plan the website according to your requirement. Some features which our website will have are listed below.

    • Mobile Friendly Website Our converted websites are 100% responding and it will fit to every version of tablet and mobiles. That makes us one of the best mobile website creators.
    • Cross Browser Compatibility We assure that the website converted by us will be compatible with all older and modern versions of browsers as they are absolutely 100% pixel perfect.
    • Handwritten Codes The codes which we write while the conversion are 100% handwritten and that is the reason you will not face any glitches in our websites.
    • SEO Friendly Websites To load your site fast in different search engines, we always make sure that the codes are SEO semantic friendly.
    • CMS Integration easily For any CMS integration, the codes we provide are ready and easy to use. Some other great services are also provided by us like PSD to WordPress conversion.
    • Customer Satisfaction We, at XHTML Hub have 100% customer satisfaction record. We always have only one goal and that is to provide the best services to our customers. We have a great family-like relationship with our customers and they are happy to carry on a long-term relationship with us.

    Other than these, for our valuable customers, we also provide some more features from XHTML Hub like,

    • Well Structured and High-Quality Markup
    • Money Back Guarantee on the dissatisfaction of Client
    • Signing NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) if Client Demands to do so.
    • Free Customer Support
    • There are Loyalty Discounts for repeat Orders.
    • A Dedicated Project Manager will Handle the Complete Project.


    The responsive designs are so flexible that they adapt easily to all types of devices. The flexibility and adaptability of designs are the most important feature of getting the HTML to responsive designs for your site.

    Google Recommended

    The Responsive designs are recommended design patterns by Google. It is the mobile world; people love to use the internet through mobile devices. Google also makes it essential for websites to have responsiveness to adjustment to screen resolutions.

    Improved User Experience

    The responsive website designs show the users an agnostic experience for the users. We take the responsibility as a designer and developer to do more than squeezing the website to mobile screen and offer an improved user experience.

    Easy to Manage

    Having an e-commerce website, it is very easy for the business to manage one site and one SEO campaign for the business. This becomes the key feature of responsive sites for online businesses to easy to manage SEO.

    Cost Effective

    The responsive website designs support every screen and every device so maintaining one website performing the work for both mobile and desktop users improves the cost-effectiveness in handling two sites in place of one.

    Avoided Duplicate Content

    Having multiple versions of the websites create penalties for loading duplicate content! But with responsive designs is the best for the rescue where it eliminates the need for the duplicity of content and makes the site healthy on Google.

    Stronger Link Building

    The better link building works where consumers click on the links and the site takes them to the next level where they want to go. With responsive design, stronger link building is possible and promoted.

    Lower Bounce Rate

    When making the site responsive in design, due importance is given to the speed of the webpage and the appearance of the content. The reduced bounce rate does not force the users to switch to the sites of the competitors.

    Faster Page Speeds

    It is seen through several studies and surveys that a user stays on a page for 3-4 seconds and switches to the next site in line when it takes more loading times. The responsive web designs can deliver faster page loading speed where the users feel very happy to get the information easily from their mobile devices.

    Higher Conversion Rates

    A responsive website allows the users to purchase directly through the secured site in spite of leading them to crashed pages. This leads to a higher possibility of conversion rates.

    Easier Reporting

    The responsive website designs make tracking and getting analytics easy. Thus, comparing all the results will give you a better picture to eliminate the confusion generated with multiple sites extracting multiple records.

    More Efficient Site Management

    Managing one single site instead of two separately i.e. one for mobile users and another for the desktop users makes site management possibly more efficient for the site handlers.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      All you have to do is to send us your HTML and we will convert the same to responsive web design. Check it out mostly asked questions below

      1. I have an old site, it was coded long back. Can you re-code it using latest technique and standards?

      With modern techniques with use, it can certainly be recorded. Our conversion standards are pretty high so your website will look awesome and will be very easy to use too.

      Yes, of course. Our host of experts will transform your desktop website into an amazingly responsive mobile website which will be adaptable to every size of mobile, iPad, or tablet.

      The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is a Markup Validation Service that helps internet users to check different XHTML and HTML documents. On the other hand CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language which helps in presenting a document which is written in a markup language like HTML.

      Yes, we provide free support after the delivery of the project according to the plan that you choose. We are open to any suggestion and will help you get your desired change on the website.

      Obviously, we can do that. The site which we will create for you will be responsive to different mobile platforms like smartphones, iPad, and tablet.

      The charges are different for the different services you choose. For knowing about the charges in details, you can call/WhatsApp us at +91-9999796650. You can even reach us via mail at

      We support every payment mode credit or debit card. Even Paytm/PhonePay or PayPal is acceptable here at XHTML Hub.